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Reusable face masks for knitting art lovers!

Alexander Ver Huell mondkapje

 Alexander Ver Huell, 1822 - 1897) was a Dutch draughtsman and writer.

Daniel Ridgway Knight mondkapje

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Alexander Ver Huell mondkapje A I

Daniel Ridgway Knight, 1839-1924) was an American artist.

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Daniel Ridgway Knight mondkapje A I

Nikolaos Gyzis

Nikolaos Gyzis, 1842 - 1901, was considered one of Greece's most important 19th-century painters.

Nikolaos Gyzis  mondkapje A I1

Elwinfoto mondkapje

Stillife / Stilleven by 3D Dutch artist Elwin van der Hoofd

Elwinfoto mondkapje A I

Elwinfoto mondkapje B I

Alexander Ver Huell mondkapje A
Daniel Ridgway Knight mondkapje A
Nikolaos Gyzis  mondkapje A
Elwinfoto mondkapje A
Elwinfoto mondkapje B

Reusable face masks for knitting art lovers.


The face masks and the two filters that come with them are washable and therefore reusable: a lot more sustainable than the disposable face masks.

The face masks are printed on 220 grams DecoTex GFS, a white fabric that is 100% polyester. In the washing machine you can wash the used masks at up to 60 degrees, so these can be used again.
For the filters a non-woven filter material is used, which has been tested as category 1 (efficiency 90%). Just like the face masks themselves, the filters are washable at a maximum of 60 degrees and then can be reused.


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