Tweemaal prinses Wilhelmina, 10 jaar, aug-1891_09mrt19_1_kl

Installation of Dutch " Princess Wilhelmina in mourning" in Ceramic Museum Goedewaagen, NL.

The already unique collection of Rozenburg tile panels and tiles from  the Ceramic Museum Goedewaagen was enriched on 1 March with an  eye-catcher that invites you to take a closer look. This was immediately clear during school visits by primary school pupils and MBO students.  The story of the portrait of the ten-year-old Princess Wilhelmina in  mourning, painted by Daniel Harkink (1862-1953) in the last week of  August 1891, takes on a special dimension.

King William III died on 23 November 1890. In accordance with the Orange tradition, the whole court went into black mourning for a year and so,  at the beginning of 1891, Princess Wilhelmina appeared on a large  greeting card by the Hague court photographer Adolphe Zimmermans.  Harkink used this photograph very vibrantly on a 90-centimetre high  tableau. The Ceramic Museum Goedewaagen has loaned this tile tableau  from the Meentwijck Collection.

Textile artist Constance Willems found on closer analysis of the  mourning garments on the tableau that the princess wore a knitted upper  body and knitted sleeves on her forearms. As a knitting specialist, she  reconstructed these pieces of clothing.
On the occasion of her exhibition 'Nederland knit in de keramiek' (The  Netherlands knit in ceramics) in the Purmerends Museum, which has now  ended, director Saskia van den Berg and a number of employees  reconstructed the rest of the clothing on a life size mannequin.

The  Purmerends Museum in turn donated this installation to Ceramic Museum Goedewaagen.


 Installation of Dutch " Princess Wilhelmina in mourning" in Ceramic Museum Goedewaagen.

Tweemaal prinses Wilhelmina, 10 jaar, aug-1891_09mrt19_2_kl

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